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Hello, for anyone who has been wondering "Where the heck did Sabina go?"  hehehe

I have been wicked busy in the studio coming up with new styles and ideas for paintings, also
walking about from one end to another here on the Mornington Peninsula with my camera. I cannot
get enough of this place, I am truly enjoying my surroundings and allowing the colours and textures
of the area I live in inspire me.

We also had a visit from what has turned to be our local seal near Dromana Beach. I can sit and just watch
him sunbath for at least two hours while taking pictures of the beach boxes near him. It is amazing to see
one in person, compared to seeing them on the TV. 

I also started a Life Drawing class last Wednesday. Yes, me, an abstract artist in a Life Drawing class. 
Boy, did I get some looks for my work. hahahahaha
You know you are in the wrong place when you are attacking the paper "making noise" and others around you are lining
up the model with their thumb to get the right dimensions. ( BIG GRIN )
I have never done a class like this before, I have gone to a few fellow artist's classes, just for inspiration and
more so to be social. I am EXTREMELY happy with what I created, and that is looks like a woman. 
Yes, I will be posting that image soon as well.
I will also, after having a great time overall in the class, being extremely excited by what I created, and the 
amazing response from it as well on my Facebook and Instagram page. I will be continuing this class! It is on Wednesday, overlooking
one of many beaches I enjoy walking along, and I truly feel it will push my creativity.

I have plenty to upload, and will get to that asap!

I hope everyone is well and has been creative in their own right as well.



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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Welcome to ABSTRACTSbySabina

Abstract Artist: Sabina D'Antonio
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, ACR/MIX on Canvas, Photography, and Illustrations

I am a self taught and fulltime abstract artist from the USA now working and living in Mornington, VIC, Australia.

As an artist and photographer, I specialize in abstract art because it allows more artistic freedom and creativity. Entwined with my manufacturing background, my inspiration comes from the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time, rusted metals, peeling paint, anything weathered. From this passion, I combine unique textures and vibrant colors for a simple yet boldly stunning piece of abstract artwork. I do not recreate my work; each painting you see is an original. I feel art is a form of expression for not only the artist, but the collector as well. I am an Artist, not a machine. The art I create is left open to the individual’s interaction and hopefully inspiration. 

"Sabina paints with energy, spontaneity, and emotion resulting in pieces that arouse and captivate the viewer. Her abstract paintings are expressions of her love for colour, textures, and numbers. Sabina has nurtured her independence and artistic freedom and paints spontaneously from within: expressing a feeling, a memory or an impression. Her abstract art is well-known and collected nationally and internationally. She has been painting her entire life and just recently selling professionally."

If i am not in my studio creating drawings or paintings, i am in the car driving around allowing anything and everything to capture my passion for art. I get a lot of inspiration for my paintings through my photography. Sometimes it is from what i captured, and others it is just from the journey of looking. I love walking around in decaying, abandoned, and dis-guarded places… because i find art, i find things that move me to create in the studio. The pattern peeling paint creates, the vibrant hue of orange from rust, the different shades of green which grow around a slow leak, the texture and look of brick under breaking away stucco has, and the amazing colors that have changed hands over time… not to mention the amazing teal blue waters and aray of colours from the local beach boxes i have come to love off the peninsula here in Mornington… all creating an inspiring palette for this artist.

I hope that you find my work every bit as enjoyable to look at, as i do in the journey of creating it.

Thank you for your interest and support of my artwork!

Kind Regards,


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Sincere thanks, Sabina :wave:
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kafoozzle Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
Your photos look great. I love the textures.
ABSTRACTSbySabina Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so very much. 
For me my photography has truly come around, and has greatly inspired my artwork.
EintoeRn Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer

Thanks a lot, Sabina !
ABSTRACTSbySabina Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
You are very welcome.

Happy New Year!
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thanks for the llama :3

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You are very welcome.
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